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Food and Health Talks Programme
January to April 2010

By Nutrition Consultant and Lecturer SALLY WHITMAN



Talk Subject



17 April

10 am to 11. 30

Men’s Health

Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre, Pittville, Cheltenham

01242 584140

Free talk

24 April

10.30 am to 4 pm

Weight Loss for Life (workshop) Isbourne Education Centre, town centre, Cheltenham

01242 254321

£50 (£5 reduction if booked by April 10)

Monday 14 June

7.15 to 9 pm

IBS No More!

Isbourne Education Centre, town centre, Cheltenham

01242 254321




Venue Codes
IEC Isbourne Education Centre
Town centre, Cheltenham
Tel 01242 254321
CHHC Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre, Pittville Tel 01242 584140
FGF Feelgood Factor, Main Street, Stonehouse Tel 01453 821500 PHC Phoenix Health MindBody Centre, Cainscross, Stroud Tel 01453 764948

Menís Health, 17 April, CHHC
The particular health problems that men experience and the special health risks that they face are different to those of women Ė not surprisingly! Men can also be less than willing to consult doctors about their concerns or fears. This talk looks at some of those differences, and proposes a general health plan for men, with particular focus on heart and prostate health, and male vitality.

Weight Loss for Life, 24 April, IEC
How to manage your weight long-term without hunger, deprivation or misery – and get in shape for summer!
Wouldn’t you like to get off the dieting rollercoaster once and for all? The low GL or Fatburner eating plan, outlined in Patrick Holford’s recent 10 Secrets Talk, has been shown to deliver better long-term weight management results than most other diets. This workshop by Sally Whitman, one of Patrick’s recommended nutritionists, will take you through the process step by step to give you the confidence and tools to make a success of it. On the way, we will address the mental blocks, behavioural patterns and metabolic obstacles that can get in the way of our weight-loss aims. A real feel-good workshop to get you in shape for the summer! Handouts included.

IBS No More! 14 June, IEC
How to achieve smooth, effortless digestion without food reactions or pain
So many people live with daily digestive discomfort, including IBS, bloating, wind, acid reflux, food intolerances, sluggish bowels – and the opposite! – and pain. Share an illuminating journey down the digestive tract with experienced nutritionist Sally Whitman, and identify how to solve your own particular problem. Sally specialises in digestion, and has helped hundreds of people to get rid of their day-to-day digestive disturbance as well as symptoms of more serious illness such as ulcerative colitis. Sally says: “Learn how to fix your digestion and you immediately improve your nutrient absorption, giving a real boost to your wellbeing and long-term health.” No need to share your problem – just come and listen!

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Click Here for testimonials
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