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My name is Sally Whitman and I run Blackberry Nutrition.  I am an experienced nutritionist with a business background in both the private and public sectors.  I have successfully helped people with a very wide range of health problems...more

Nutrition help in Gloucestershire for:

•  Digestion
•  Energy
•  Weight
•  Mood
•  Stress
•  Infections
•  Pain
•  Food allergy     /intolerance
•  Children’s

•  Chronic illness




Personal Consultations

Personal consultations at my Cheltenham clinic provide professional one-to-one support on specific health problems, and expert advice on healthy eating patterns for enhanced energy and wellbeing…more

Profesional Seminars

Profesional Seminars Gloucestershire businesses and organisations outline how different eating patterns can improve work performance, energy, concentration and emotional wellbeing in the modern, pressurised work place.

You and your employees can find out how to use nutrition to solve many day-to-day health problems and stay healthy…more

Clinical Tests

Many people choose to have one or more laboratory tests when a whole raft of medical tests have found nothing, and yet they know from their symptoms something is wrong…more  

Happy and Healthy Customers

Happy and healthy customers testify to the sometimes astonishing difference a change of diet has made…
• IBS seems like a thing of the past..
• I’ve lost 3 stone in weight..
• I no longer take anti-depressants..
• I can now concentrate all day..
• I have much more energy..
• My G.P. says my blood pressure is now ‘wonderful’.
• I am now virtually free of  arthritis..
Not a sniff of a cold all winter..more

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Sally Whitman of Blackberry Nutrition experienced nutrition consultant and nutritional therapist with a very busy clinic in Cheltenham, near Gloucester, Gloucestershire