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Testimonial from Downfield Sixth Form School

While searching for a suitable speaker for a tutorial session on health related issues for Downfield Sixth Form students, I came across ‘Blackberry Nutrition’ in the ‘Directory of Gloucestershire Agencies Providing PHSE and Citizenship Support for Schools’.

The abstract sounded intriguing and I invited Sally Whitman to talk initially to 250, year 12 students.

The students and the staff attendees found Sally’s talk very interesting and thought provoking.  Student feed back included comments such as, ‘ I really enjoyed the talk on Nutrition’, ‘Blackberry Nutrition was really good and I am going to try some of the suggestions’,  ‘I didn’t realise how important eating is to helping with memory and exams’, ‘I am now going to stop drinking fizzy drinks every day’’….

The talk was so successful for year 12 that I invited Sally to address year 13 and the responses were equally positive.

Blackberry Nutrition is now a firm fixture on our tutorial timetable at Downfield and I would not hesitate to recommend Sally’s interesting and informative talk to other schools for both students and staff.

Anne Collings
Assistant Director of Downfield Sixth Form


Click Here to arrange a talk for your students, staff or parents
Click Here to arrange a talk for your students, staff or parents...
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Sally Whitman of Blackberry Nutrition experienced nutrition consultant and nutritional therapist with a very busy clinic in Cheltenham, near Gloucester, Gloucestershire