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Testimonial from Tewkesbury School

"We have invited Sally to speak to our sixth form students on a number of occasions, and she is one of our outstanding guest speakers.

Her sessions on diet are excellent.  She has a forthright, friendly manner of delivery which the students respond warmly to.  They find the content of her talk surprising, thought-provoking and relevant.  We know from the comments and the subsequent attitudes of the students toward their diet that she has a direct and positive impact on them.

Of particular note is the willingness of the students to ask questions during the session.  Sally is always surrounded by students asking further questions when the scheduled time is up.  We are always grateful for her willingness to deal with their queries, and she is very generous of her time.

We are particularly pleased that the boys show a strong level of interest.  They get less input from their own reading than the girls do, and for many of them, Sally’s talk is the starting point of them thinking about a healthy diet.

We value her contributions very highly indeed."

Click Here to arrange a talk for your students, staff or parents
Click Here to arrange a talk for your students, staff or parents...
Click here for a testimonial from Downfield Sixth Form
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Sally Whitman of Blackberry Nutrition experienced nutrition consultant and nutritional therapist with a very busy clinic in Cheltenham, near Gloucester, Gloucestershire